Our Mission

We know that our vision is radical, at best, and some folks say, “impossible!” But we do believe it can happen, even if it should take fifty years.

Good things take time.  And we have a saying around here to remind us of the pace we must take….”Baby steps!”  We don’t worry about how long it will take, as long as we are faithful in the baby steps that God has put before us to do today.    As it says in Psalm 37, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.”  One day, one step at a time is all He asks of us, and then He will continue to direct our way!

Our mission here at Rosecreek Farms:

  • To raise the best and most nutritious food in all of West TN
  • To create awareness about the benefits of local, organically-grown produce and meats
  • To connect families to their land and to their local farmer
  • To take care of the whole person for those whom we serve: feeding their body, nourishing their soul, and touching their hearts
  • To educate and empower people to be able to grow their own food
  • To educate youth about good nutrition and how they can break the cycle of ‘bad eating’
  • To bring glory and pleasure to our Savior who gives life and breath to everything that we touch

A glimpse of our vision for the future:

  • We would like to have a program for our local public schools that would allow us to come in and set up small gardens for the students to plant, manage, and harvest.
  • We would like to see a community garden in Selmer, Henderson, and Jackson — open for all people who desire to join in and work in exchange for free organic produce.
  • We would like to see vacant lots and fields in the city limits no longer empty but full of luscious produce and full of happy working people of all races, religion, and social status.
  • We would like to see a local food program in every school, where students could meet local farmers and learn all about the effect “local food” has on the local economy, local health, and the global environment.