About Us

Ray and Ashley began this journey of raising wholesome, organic food in 2009.

Their desire to provide great food for their own table, as well as for the surrounding community, has driven them to ‘push the seasons’, increase the organic matter in the dirt, and never stop asking themselves, “can we do it better?”

npp_7806-recoveredRay and Ashley have been happily married since 2006.  They spent their honeymoon hiking the Appalachian Trail — an adventurous start for an adventurous couple, who everyone fully expects to be married many more adventurous years!!    God has blessed their family with five wonderful children:  Asha, Ahava,Eyvan, Ethan, and Jasper.  They are part of a local church at Rose Creek Village, full of believers in Jesus Christ, who fully support them with encouragement, guidance, provision of land, and much prayer.

Ray is involved in the church in many facets, believing that the local church is the hope for local communities.  He also plays uillean pipes & the whistle with Troen, a traditional Irish band, in his spare time.  Troen will play for any Irish festival that will have them. He also enjoys working on sustainable energy projects, such as installing a homemade wood-fired boiler at home.  This system, which is pumped through the home’s heating system, provides hot water and heat, making them less dependent on our local electric company!  During summer months, they use a solar hot water heater. Ray’s long range goal is to build ‘alternative housing’ for their family — in about 10-15 years, when the children are older and can work alongside him.

Ashley is an amazing homemaker, able to juggle all aspects of home life with 5 small children and helping with the business as well!   Besides feeding her family incredibly nutritious meals, makes the girls clothes, cans food for the next season and does Rose Creek Farms office work; emails, newsletters, bookkeeping, and CSA applications.  Most importantly, she takes time to nurture her children, guiding and teaching them through-out the day.

Ray and Ashley are very grateful to have this opportunity to live this lifestyle and serve their local community the best produce they can grow!