Farm Tours

We strive to be open and transparent with each of you who are our customers now, or potential customers for the future.

Rosecreek Farms is open to the public for guided tours and self-guided tours by appointment only.

Contact us to make an appointment

CSA Members, we are very happy for you to see your investment dollars at work anytime! You can even come by on a short notice (call to make sure we’re on the land that day)….just  wear some garden-appropriate shoes, because chances are you will have to follow us around, watching us work, while we show you what is happening on our farm!   If you’d like a specific guided tour by Ray, please email or call ahead to arrange that.

For non CSA members, we ask two things : one, please call us in advance to make arrangements, and two, we ask for a donation, whatever you can afford.  Thank you for your consideration!

If a Rose Creek Village Farm Tour sounds interesting, you may want to call us simply to ask what the best time of the upcoming season is for a tour.  We’d love to have you come when the crops are at their fullest and most beautiful stage of growth, of course.  It’s simply a wonderful sight to behold!  We look forward to sharing our farm with anyone who can come.