Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a shared commitment between us, the farmer, and you, a consumer of good, quality food.

We are pleased to offer our new Selected Salad Share CSA!

Photo credit- Nichole Park PhotographyHere at Rose Creek Farms, we specialize in growing very high quality, Organic salad mixes and small vegetable crops. Our family eats a ton of salads each day, and our love for fresh salads has driven us to really focus on the craft of the daily salad.  All of the items we will give you are great cut up, and mixed for a hearty salad along with our (optional) amazing dressing that will revolutionize your 2017 Salad Share experience!

With our 5 wonderful children in tow, we run this farm together as a family. We are growing on less than 1 acre with no tractor, minimal tillage, and all hand tended. We aim to tend the land in a way that will leave the land a much better place than the way we found it. By you buying a share into our farm this spring, it insures that our family can tend the land in a way that is financially and holistically responsible to our family and the land we so much care about.

The Selected Salad Share CSA will run for 10 weeks-

March 11th– May 13th.

What we hope to have in the share each week (combinations may vary depending on availability):

  • Salad Mix
  • Root crop (rotating salad turnips, radishes, and beets)
  • Head Lettuce
  • Pea shoot or sunflower shoot
  • Leafy green (rotating collards, kale, and swiss chard)

Prices and Delivery Options:

  • Selected Salad CSA Share –You pick up at the Jackson Farmers Market on Saturdays – $205.00
  • Add 1/2 pint of Creamed Farm Dressing each week – $40.00 (Ashley’s amazing healthy, organic dressing  that our children enjoy) (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, onion, garlic, oregano, thyme, parsley and salt)

So, Here’s how it works… You would prepay for that season to receive a box of our seasonal, “beyond organic”, and sustainably raised produce. We will deliver the box of fresh produce to the designated market or drop off point each week. Your box will contain a mixed variety of produce, according to what the current season has to offer.

To Order your Selected Salad Share CSA for Spring 2017 Today- Click Here

What if I cannot pick up a week?

We cannot hold your week’s share of produce, nor can we double up on the next week. We suggest you either give it to a friend, or sell it to someone for that week.

What happens if I forget to come and pick up my share?

We will give it to a family of low income for free or donate it to Come Unity Cafe. Consider it a gift to your community!

If I do not like the CSA program or I get tired of cooking every week, can I get my money back?

No. Once you make your financial commitment to us it is non-refundable. We spend your money on season extension supplies, labor, seeds, and other resources to help secure your produce investment. We want you to have the best food in West Tennessee, so we must invest in our farm to do so.

How will I know what to do with all this seasonal food?

We will help you! Each week, as you venture on this seasonal food journey we will be sending you weekly newsletters, letting you know how our crops are faring, what new items to expect, and an overall education on this new exciting local, seasonal, food movement!

How do I pay?

You can pay with a Credit/Debit Card, check, paypal or cash

What kind of produce will you be growing for our boxes?

Lots of delicious greens and root crops perfect for salads; salad mix, lettuces, kales, swiss chard, collards, radishes, turnips, micro greens, etc.

What happens if a natural disaster strikes Rose Creek Farms?

If a disaster should strike Rose Creek Farms and we lose all our crops, you will NOT get a refund. We will distribute what produce is left, if any, to our CSA members, and recover our loss as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee food in the event of a disaster, if you are not willing to accept this risk; we encourage you to NOT become a member. This is a shared risk between us and you.