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Want to start your own profitable market garden?  Already have a farm; just need a little help in a few areas? We would love to help you out! Email for consulting fee and availability.20160504_094518

Here are some topics we could cover:

Getting Started

-What to expect for the first few years.

-Finding your niche

-How to transition from part time to full time.

-How to work with your spouse and children on a young farm.

Exploring your markets

-How to run a CSA

-How to get product into Grocery stores

-Working with high-end chefs and restaurants.

-Setting up a stunning Farmer’s market stand

Crop planning for the south

-It’s hot and humid here in the south. Don’t give up!  We can help you.

-It’s all about varieties, timing and lots of water!

-We can help growers in the south with planting dates and selecting varieties for year round production.

Weed control

-All growers know that weeds can take any farm down without proper control.

-We can help reduce your weeding time to next to nothing.


-We are not soil experts; rather we hire the best we can find to do this for us.

-So we do not offer advice on this topic, but we can point you in the right direction.


-We can walk you thru the small scale tools we use, and help you find the scale appropriate tools that will help you farm successfully.

How to think going into farming

-We can talk to you about how we approach farming.

-Are you cut out to farm?

-Farming is hard!

-Successful farming is not a fantasy. It’s real.  It’s hard work. But it’s a blast!

-And you too, can farm!

Wishing you the best on this farming adventure!